Insert back main board battery. Do not force your way through in anyof the steps. You know how to reset your CMOS-BIOS after you put back the main board . 1. 9. Please make sure you write down the details when you unplug or unscrew anything. 2. 5. When we are ready, unplug the computer completely and take only the case out to a well ventilated area. Unplug all the devices from the power supply. Open the case and take note of what you will be doing below (This is important to help you put it back correctly). Take the main board battery But be careful not to spray right on the battery to prevent short circuit) This will restore your computer hardware back to its original new look when you first bought it. 2. Use the brush to dust off all the computer parts.

Cleaning you computer hardware Computers, as appose to other electric or electronic devices, are not maintenance free. Close the case and take to join back to the monitor, keyboard and mouse. Quite the opposite, it needs periodically hardware cleaning. 4. Performance will drastically improve also comparing it to before the cleaning was done. You will need them when you put things back. It would, therefore, be advisable to give your computer a clean up once every 6 months or so. Spray also all the metal parts that protrude out from the main board at the back of the computer case. Erase the bronze color stripe part of the cards. Do it gently and patiently. Plug back all power supply lines. First, get a piece of paper, a pen, screw driver, brush and a small can of spray that clean the metal parts of the electronic circuit.

Rub them hard until they shine. 6. 8. (You may bypass steps 2 & 10 if you do not. This will not only give your computer top performance, but will also prevent many unforeseen computer CCTV Power Adapter breakdowns, The obvious reason is, after we use the computer for 6 12 months depending on the environment, it will have a layer of dust sitting on it. (Do not wipe with paper or cloth if you over spray as it may cause damage to it. 11. These include hard disk, floppy disk, DVD Rom, CPU fan, and the main power Premade Cables supply plug from the main board. 7. 10. 3. Few words of caution: 1. Spray clean the main board, IC or chip spikes, and the needle like metal parts of the hard disk, floppy disk and DVD ROM. The computer parts in my own house always collect a fair amount of dust.

Unscrew all the attached cards like Monitor, LAN, Modem, USB, Sound, CCTV, if there is any (the newer main mother board now has most of these collectively assembled on the main board) and pull them out carefully. Put back all the cards and screw tight. Just let it dry ). It will enhance further with some adjustment to the software. laptop computers www. But before we do it, we must do some preparation. This happens even when we position our computer in a clean room.